Roses N Chocolates


chocolate meltMonday Chocolate Meltdown is my day for flash fiction. What with a busy day, first day of the week, I’m not sure you have the time or the energy for long stories. Lol. So grab a snack during break at work, and chow down some melty chocolates. Do enjoy.


Sumbo received the slap with shock!

She wasn’t sure which of the options brought her to her knees. The weight of his massive hand, the impact of the slap or the shock from the action. One thing was sure though, tears sprang to her eyes.

Her initial feeling of shock quickly turned to fear but when she summoned enough courage to look into his eyes, fear turned to outrage. He tapped a fist against his lips and looked everywhere but at her.

How dare he?

This was it, she thought. I will not condone this. Once it starts, it will never stop. That was the advice she’d been given.

“Don’t ever allow him to raise his hand on you. Once he does it the first time, you’re in trouble.

Sumbo picked herself up with newly acquired zeal.

Femi took a step away from her. She moved to her wardrobe and pulled out an overnight bag. Tonight she would sleep in Erebi’s house, and tomorrow, contact her lawyer and take things as they unfold from there.

Femi’s voice shook. “What are you doing?”

Why talk to a foolish wife-batterer, a brute?domestic violence 5

She ignored him, and pulled out a denim skirt, two tank tops, and a trouser suit for work the following day, office shoes, bag, jewellery and accessories. A casual dress followed into the bag and a couple of under wears.

“You can’t do what you’re thinking,” Femi said. “Please.”

“Watch me.”

What was on his mind when he raised his barbaric hand? This is it.

This is the end.

The End.


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