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Oshio baba 1Wednesday is our fun day, and we get to go to the polls, vote, gist and see what’s generally trending around and in the romance world.

You won’t blame me then that I pick the story of Governor Oshiomole who got married last week to Lara Fortes (sometimes spelt Fortez.) from Cape Verde, though some news say Ethiopia. After all, this blog is all about women’s romance. I wonder why the info is so scarce and conflicting.

So from the looks (because I just couldn’t get any facts, everyone says something different) the governor of Edo state just got married to a woman who looks half his age (though 30 is the new 50 so who knows.)


Are we talking a fairy-tale for the bride? A beauty and the beast kind of relationship?

I personally don’t and haven’t been able to comprehend this kind of relationship in all my years of imagining romance. However, it’s happening all over the world. Trending right now in my beloved country, Nigeria.

There’s the debate that the new Mrs. Oshiomole is a gold-digger, and the governor should have married closer to his age after he lost his wife five years ago. He’s now a grandfather.

Many have shunned all talk and shouted, “Leave them alone! They are two consenting adults.”

So I want to ask: What do you think?

  • Is such a great gap in the age difference important?
  • Can such a relationship be void of ulterior motives?
  • Would you marry a man as old as or older than your father?

Vote now! Let’s have some fun with this!

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