Roses N Chocolates


chocolate melt 1Miriam got married at a young age, barely eighteen. She got pregnant immediately, and had a baby boy, Fortune. Two months after her first baby was born, she found herself pregnant again. However, this time around, friends advised her to abort the pregnancy.

“Your husband and his family will not be happy with you…”

“It is not medically safe for you…”

On and on went the ‘evil’ counsels.

Without seeking the consent of her husband, she aborted the baby. The abortion affected her more emotionally than physically. And she could not bring herself to tell her husband.

Keeping the secret became a pain after she tried to keep a pregnancy and continuously miscarried.

Her husband however wanted more children, and took a second wife.  Miriam’s rival had children too. The first, the second, and a set of twins. Miriam comforted herself with her only child.

Tragedy struck when Fortune was seven years. He had a serious case of measles. The boy did not survive the sickness.

Miriam’s misery at her inability to conceive would drive her to the brink of insanity. She grew into old age childless.

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