BLUE roseDo you know there are over a hundred variants of fiction genres? Besides your usual historical, romance, horror, young adult, sci-fi, and so on, there are so many other. Here are some I never heard before.

  1. Airport novel: a work of fiction, generally genre fiction, so named because of its availability at stores in international airports in order to provide airline passengers with a light diversion during a flight.
  2. Allegory: a story using symbolism to express truths about the human condition.
  3. Bildungsroman: a story detailing the emotional and moral growth of a character.
  4. Black comedy: a story in which the humor derives from the misfortunes and/or reproachable behavior of characters.
  5. Comedy of errors (farce): a story involving energetic action revolving around humorous predicaments and coincidences.
  6. Comedy of manners: a story that mocks class pretensions and/or prejudices.
  7. Epistolary fiction: stories constructed as a series of letters exchanged between characters.
  8. Fictional autobiography: a story purporting to be a first-person account of someone’s life.
  9. Fictional biography: a story structured to resemble a factual life story.
  10. Pastiche: a story that imitates one or more established works, or consists of episodes of such works.
  11. Picaresque: an episodically structured story featuring a rogue or an antihero as the protagonist.
  12. Romp: a boisterously comical tale.
  13. Screwball comedy: a fast-paced story involving improbable situations and antics from which the humor derives.
  14. Swashbuckler: an adventure story in which the hero accomplishes great feats to aid a noble cause.
  15. Travelogue: a story with a plot centering on a significant amount of travel.
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