slicesDini Brisibe is a character I love. Writing his story in “The Days After that Night” was fulfilling and enthralling. The book will definitely be made into a movie someday.

The character of Dini Brisibe is so vivid and so daring, I wrote the book with the actors in mind. It was more to me like I was writing the novel of a movie already produced.

Dini is a dynamic young man, upright, highly intelligent, rich and so productive. He’s a goal-getter. A man who is focused and disciplined. The faithful husband of one wife, a deacon, a loving father and son. Dini gives back more than the average rich man in Nigeria because he believes in the principle of investing back and in people.

He also does not understand or accept acts of cruelty in any form. When he falls victim of such acts however, he—falls. Such a man of restrained passions will find it hard to rise again when he falls and Dini is no different.

From the point when I started the book, I had a face in mind for Dini Brisibe. The actor I tailored the character to fit is Mike Ezuruonye.

AfricaMagic (Mike Ezuruonye)

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