52 ways cover stripI know approach matters a lot. But I really never had to use my knowledge till recently when I needed to take an important decision. It suddenly dawned on me that I had to present my case properly, with the right reason or else, I might not receive consent. It sounded ridiculous at first but when I approached Emeka and realized he wasn’t in a good mood, I had second thoughts. If Adaora is to get her weekend off, and I would have my freedom for two days, I needed the consent of the father of my child.

Though we were not married, had never been, Emeka takes all decisions about his daughter. Yes it sounds ridiculous but not too much since he is also financially committed to her. I must confess I gain from it also. But I never thought I would have to package a request. It had always been ‘Emeka, Adaora needs…’or ‘Adaora wants…’ or ‘I will be going to …’ Never had I needed to send my six year old daughter out of town and never had I needed to package a request. Well, it had to be done so, I decided to rehearse.

“Emeka, something came up…” No.

“Well, Emeka, dear…” Bad idea.

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“Adaora will be going to Port Harcourt…” No. No way. It would have to be properly explained. I needed the weekend to myself as much as Adaora wanted to go with the other kids in church for the children’s weekend retreat. Emeka was not born-again so he wouldn’t understand what a six-year old would be going to a Christian retreat for. Unless I could present my strong reasons of course.

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