Photographies professionnelles C.Madamour
Photographies professionnelles C.Madamour

Lillian frowned. Now she’d done what he asked. She was pregnant.

“Smile, Lilly.” Mr. Clarence patted her cheek. “You’ll come with me to Lagos, and we’ll bring your lover in three months.”

She didn’t like his reference to Iyke as “lover.” The two men were close in age but worlds apart in fortune, and Lillian had secretly hoped Mr. Clarence would be inclined to bridge the gap.

“Yes, sir.” Lillian curtseyed. “Thank you, sir.”

He winked. “In the meanwhile, go and do as I said. (Bleep) him hard. Give him three months’ in advance.”

Lillian choked and coughed while Mr. Clarence doubled over, laughing.

By world standards, being pregnant for Iyke, the most handsome, and loving man on earth, was not a big deal. They’d been together for ten years. Iyke had worked hard to get them both quality education, but Iyke had had a strict principle about sex. None till after marriage. She had seduced him because Mr. Clarence insisted on it over and over again.

“I want you pregnant in Lagos. Go get pregnant for your lover,” Mr. Clarence said.

His reason he didn’t give but it had been a pre-requisite for getting a job.

Three months gone in her pregnancy, Lillian joined Mr. Clarence in Lagos to start a job at his real estate firm as a business development officer. The remuneration tripled anything she imagined. He gave her a car, and a nice accommodation close to her office.

Life was good, until Mr. Clarence popped the question.

Marry me.


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