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AmarachiIn my #TrueDream novel, DUMPED, Amarachi Obi-Okeke was born with at least two golden spoons in her mouth. The first placed there by her father, a renowned medical consultant, and scientist, with a great business acumen and success in huge dimensions. The other golden spoon is placed by Amarachi’s mother, who unlike her husband has not used her Masters’ degree to specialize, but to make money in the business world.

As an only child, Amarachi would inherit her father’s hospital and medical laboratories, and her mother’s international businesses.

Is Amarachi up to it? Your guess is as good a mine. Her parents believe she needs to marry a strong man.

But who really was Amarachi. She combined her father’s high intelligence with her mother’s eye for business in a beautiful physical package. Amarachi was every man’s dream woman.

Despite her supposed affluent upbringing, Amarachi did know how to be humble. Though extremely careful about her circumstances, she’s not the snob people expect of her. She is nice, and full of discernment. As expected, she’s a little overbearing too but nothing a good man cannot fix.

The beautiful Stephanie Okereke fits my bill for an Amarachi movie role.

Stephanie Okereke

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