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chol 12Many things ran through Ada’s mind as she watched Clarence sport with his pet tiger cub. Topmost was that her brother had a capacity for evil scientists had not discovered yet. She was here now, and she prayed to make the most of it.

“You sent for me,” she said.

Clarence looked up and his handsome face broke into a cold smile. His smiles never reached his eyes.

“Ah, Ursula. How are you, my dear?”

She stopped asking him not to call her Ursula after he orchestrated the death of her fiancé, Mudia, nearly six years ago. She stopped caring about many things.

Clarence handed over the cub to a keeper and walked with her toward his mansion. He wasn’t one to mince words, which Ada appreciated now more than ever.

“I wanted to know your thoughts about what’s happening in our family right now,” Clarence said.


“Yes.” Clarence chuckled. “Your hubby seem to be the only father in our two families.”

He looked at her flat stomach. “I must commend you. Just three months after your baby and you look so trim. Lillian takes a year to get back into shape.”

Ada trembled. Anyone listening would not imagine the extent of the rot he talked about. “You take all this as a joke?”

Clarence stopped. “Your husband (bleeped) my wife! Got her pregnant twice! I’m willing to forgive and move on. And you say I take this as a joke? Ursula, you never cease to surprise me.”

Ada’s mouth dropped open. For a moment she wanted to lash out. Tell him how evil he was. Tell him she knew he was the one who set Iyke up with Lillian because he was impotent and couldn’t get his wife pregnant.

Instead she shocked herself and smiled. “You killed my first love, Mudia. And then manipulated my husband into sleeping with your wife. Now you ask me to—” She frowned. “What exactly do you want from me? You have tried to ruin my love life. You’re still trying to.”

“You get so wired and sentimental, Ursula. This is my problem with you.” He paused. “What does Iyke think about the boys? They look so much like him.” He smirked. “Iyke must be jealous—”

“I forgive you, Clarence. I shouldn’t, but I do.” Ada walked as fast as her legs would carry her.

Clarence called after her. “I don’t need it, Ursula.”

Ada broke into a run.

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