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Fairy-tales still happen. Read about it here:

The-photograph-that-shot-the-young-mother-to-prominence-My romantic mind can’t help but imagine the love story this fairy-tale has the capacity to tell.

Jumoke leaves her home in the morning like every other morning. The father of her child, Rauf, who has consistently been irresponsible toward her, has not returned home the previous night.
She drops her three-year-old daughter with her mother who sells fruits in front of their humble abode in the dirtiest parts of Mushin subs in Lagos. She hopes today will be good for her. A prayer she’s prayed for all of her twenty years of existence.
The bakery down the road offers her the option of paying a quarter for her purchase and she can pay the rest after sales. Usually, they refuse to receive leftovers. Her mind tells her to fill up to capacity, and she does. Her mind doesn’t fail her. She’s going to get big sales today.
After an hour of trekking, she’s tired, and nothing much has gone down.
She sits to rest and catch her breath, and mutters another prayer. Let today be good, dear God. She has many problems, most of which border or financing. Her life hasn’t been easy.
She picks up and suddenly walks into a clearing along the road. Someone shouts at her to move back, and she realizes a little too late there’s a recording of sorts going on. She’s on set! Her heart thuds and she walks as fast as she can away…
She startles awake. It’s not yet time to…
“Where are you? People are looking for us.” The excitement in Rauf’s voice quickens her faster than his words. “Movie people are looking for us.”
She sits up. “Who? What’s the time?”
“It’s just about 9pm. Stand up. I’ve told them I’m your husband. They say you are going to be a model in their movie…”

Okay, Sinmi, wake up from your dream world… This is not Jumoke’s real story but is just so sweet to see.
Kudos to TY Bello who made it happen for Jumoke!

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    That’s a beautiful storyline. Thank a God for his miracle. She must insist that her husband be schooled along with her or else, that’s might be the end of her marriage to him because they will grow apart with time

    February 17, 2016

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