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200216 resizedIn this month of love, I owe you one post. To recognize and identify with men and women in abusive relationships.
Some have died.
Some have lost prime parts of their bodies.
Some lost valuables.
Some lost their self-worth and esteem.

My stand on relationship abuse is:
You don’t have to take it. You don’t have to be with an abusive person. Count your losses and get help. Walk away if you must.

Signs your partner will abuse you:
It usually starts nice, clean and sweet, sometimes it doesn’t.
If s/he:
Shouts on you in public.
Doesn’t listen to your opinion.
Is stingy to you.
Rough-handles you (e.g. pushing, shoving et.c.)
Walks out on you, shouts you down.
Hits you (it may start with slaps.)

Bottom line, don’t take abuse. Get help! Please.

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