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Revenge cover copy 4 cropped kindle editionAll I wanted was a revenge. To hit back and hurt the man who took Lillian from me. My friends thought otherwise. Mr. Clarence, as the man was known in the circles that matter, was young, fierce and senselessly rich. And once he set his eyes on Lillian, he didn’t look elsewhere. Even though Lillian was carrying my baby.
Chido was particularly worried for me. “I’ve seen where this man dealt with someone before. He is ruthless, Iyke. You don’t want to fall under his radar.”
I smirked. “The day he took Lillian from me, I fell under his radar, and he fell under mine.”
Chido inhaled. “You make this sound like he kidnapped her or something.”
“What’s the difference?” I shrugged. “He deceived her.”
“How? She was in love with you. She was carrying your baby. She wasn’t drugged or hypnotized—”
“She was hypnotized. He offered to help her. Not to sleep with her. She followed him because he seemed willing to help.”
Chido’s eyes widened. “Can you hear yourself? At what point, tell me, at what point did she come to herself and realize he had deceived her? Tell me, Iyke!”
I bent my head. My heart burned and could pop out of my body with the weight of my agony.
“She hasn’t come to herself, Chido.”
Chido’s mouth dropped open. “I don’t believe you said that. I think you are deceived, Iyke. Have you seen her? She drives a 2015 model Mercedes Benz CLS.”
I swallowed. “I have seen her. That’s why I know she’s under his spell.”
Chido shook his head. “She has moved on, Iyke. I’m not cursing you but she will never come back to you.”
“She’s my life, Chido.” I could feel a headache in my eyes. “You know how much I loved that girl.”
“Look, my concern for you is not Lillian. It’s Mr. Clarence. He’s not that young and rich by being nice. He’s the boss. Leave Lillian for him, and God will bless you with another beautiful girl.”
“What about my son? Ehn, Chido. Can you leave your first son in such a man’s hands?”
“I can.” Chido’s voice sounded strained. He looked at me, and bit out. “I can.”

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