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270216 resizedMarried samples – Ebenezer and Esther

Ebenezer and Esther are work colleagues. They met in the bank where they both worked and continued to work in different banks, building their homes, while building a formidable career each.

Illusions: They both believe their careers can thrive without interfering with their family life.

Expectations: Ebenezer expects his wife to contribute financially to the home, since she has a good job too. Esther expects her husband to contribute to housekeeping since she has a demanding job too.

1. Define your core beliefs about what fantasy is?
2. What do you imagine is a fantasy in your relationship?
3. What are your core expectations in your marriage?
4. Have your fantasies come true? If yes, how many of them? If no, why do you think they have not come true?
5. Are you meeting your expectations? If no, why do you think so?
6. Do you still love your spouse as much as you did the first day you met him/her?
7. What is your impression of a blissful marriage?
8. What are your impressions of a husband’s duties in marriage?
9. What are your impressions of a wife’s duties in marriage?
10. When last did you do something your spouse expects – good or bad? What reaction did you get?

For the married only
11. When last did you make love? How was it?
12. When last did you say, “I love you” to your spouse?
13. When last did you buy a gift for your partner, or give him/her a treat?

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