Roses N Chocolates


chol 1iiFamily occasions would always be a challenge. Ada knew that from the start. The day she said “I do,” to Iyke, she signed up for potential disaster each time she had to sit with her brother, his wife and their two sons. First had been Sir. Clarence’s death and burial.

Now their mother was celebrating her 60th birthday in grand style, a destination party at an exclusive island in the Caribbean.

Clarence was in attendance with his family, as well as her. So far, the party had gone on without incidence.

Then Aunt Rufina, their late father’s fractious older sister, walked up to their table. Iyke held one-year old Adana, with his best friends, Chido and his wife, Bukky, and Felix and his newest girlfriend, Leila, sat with them. With two extra seats on the table, Aunt Rufina took the one beside Ada.

“What a great party, Ursula. Your mother looks thirty years younger.” Aunt Rufina gushed. “I don’t know what ever was wrong with Clarence. Why he left her and married that barren little girl, Ironbar.”

Iyke chatted with his friends and Ada was forced to entertain Rufina. “Mum has no hard feelings. Ironbar is here.” Ada shrugged. “That’s a good sign.”

“Anyway.” Rufina sniffed. “Adana is so cute, Ada. She looks so much like her father.” She chuckled. “Any of us women here could be her mother, you know.”

Ada smiled. “People tell me that all the time.”

Rufina giggled. “I can’t keep my eyes off Clarence’s boys. They look so much alike. So much like your little Adana too. They could pass for triplets.” She leaned across and tickled Adana’s chubby cheeks.

“Indeed, Aunt Rufina,” Ada said. “Especially since they have the same father.” Ada smiled at Iyke. “Isn’t it, darling?”

Rufina gasped. “Clarence mustn’t hear you talk like this!” She looked round the table. She had everyone’s attention.

“Why not?” Iyke smirked. “Clarence is impotent. Is it a secret?”

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