Roses N Chocolates


chol 9 cropped“Pineapples and pawpaws will be good too.”

“Add them.”

Tope looked at the market list. “Though I doubt Oga will touch them.”

Ada smiled. “You know him well.”

There’s commotion at the front of the house. Since being married to Iyke, Ada had increased her number of house staff but Tope, her long time cook remained with her.

Ada arched her eyebrow. “What’s that?”

Tope looked toward the noise. “Let me check.”

“No. Let’s continue. Someone else will check. So grapes, bananas, pineapples, pawpaw? Oranges and watermelon?”

Tope shook her head. “Won’t it be too much?”

“Iyke likes your fruit salad. I must find a way to get him to have his fru—”

The daytime security man pushed through the kitchen door. “Madam. Please come.”

Ada blinked. “What?”

“Oga. He has visitors. From Mr. Clarence.”

Ada didn’t wait for him to finish. She marched to the front of the house. The scene before her froze her to the spot.

Lillian with her two boys now aged six and three, stood just outside the gate, several bags of luggage scattered about them. Clarence’s car drove off at a speed.

Iyke was turned toward the house but stopped at Ada’s approach. He paused. Opened his mouth to speak, but continued into the house.

Tope pressed close behind Ada. “Ah, madam. What do we do?”

Ada sighed. She made eye contact with Lillian, who narrowed her eyes and clenched her teeth. So this was her plan? Ada looked down the road and Clarence’s jeep was gone. She turned to Tope.

“Nothing. Let’s go and finish the market list.”

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