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Today’s Friday Chocolate Treat features Sister Abike from my True Dream novel, The Other Sister.

Abike is in her mid-thirties. She’s a beautiful woman who took her faith to the tee, resigned from a lucrative job and lifestyle in the city, and accepted a job as the principal of a small mission school in a rural area. She adapts her life to the village setting, much to the chagrin of her well-to-do-family.

Abike is a woman who hurts deep within but covers her pain through her fanaticism. She’s sassy, exciting and bold, otherwise.

As the first child in her family, she’s learnt to take responsibility. She fights her inner yearnings and controls her basal urges. Most of the time.

Abike is unpredictable and daring.

What I love about Abike most is her vulnerability. She mirrors many women who are boxed into a lifestyle they are not cut out for. Women like Abike would sacrifice anything just to calm the polity. However, if they are left to explore and manifest their true nature, they will glow and shine, radiate a true beauty from within and without.

My ideal actress to play the role of Sister Abike in a movie is the sultry and award-winning Ghanaian star, Jackie Appiah. Jackie is beautiful and has the unique talent of being strong and weak, meek and proud, sweet and saucy on the screen.  Jackie Appiah

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Previously published on May 22, 2015

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