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I’vebaboon-47367_1280 had this in mind for a while, thinking I’d do a book in my “Issues of Life” series with a similar title. I’m starting here though.

My definition of a “baboon” vary, but center around undesirable characters.

In this Tuesday features for the next forty Tuesdays, we will meet different species of baboons. Giving the heading by year does not mean it is a chronicle of the years married, and each year will feature a different “baboon.” Along the line, you may see a baboon feature more than once.

Please know these species of baboons manifest in our characters, and an otherwise nice person may have baboon traits. Lol.

Exposing these traits should help us know them, and if we see them in us or our partners, decide if it’s something we want to spend the next forty years or more, living with. Because I am yet to see a baboon character change.

Please comment and share your stories – have you dated a baboon character before?

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