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290416My first historical #truedream novel, Ìka, hit online in the kindle version in March, and the reviews coming in have been quite interesting and encouraging. I loved writing the book, and I’m glad people reading are enjoying it too.

The lead female character in the book is the teenage princess, Ero, frail, beautiful, and smart. I enjoyed exploring this character. Born in the times when wars and rumors of wars were rampant, and men judged civilization by the number of conquests, Ero was sent by the oracle to stop Ìka, a warrior prince, from taking over her kingdom. Read the book to know more.

Ero as a sacrificial lamb is not bitter or angry but sees the decision of the oracle as divine. This shows a depth of faith and love for her people and her land.

Would this book later become a movie, or TV drama, I can only think of a young and fresh face to play this role. My daughter, Ifeoluwa. I know she will make a great actress, if she chooses this path.


Read Ìka, Historical True Dream novel by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka. Find the book online on amazon!


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