Roses N Chocolates


300416Okay my Saturday is targeted at learning life lessons, in writing, marriage, my life and every other stuff I choose.

On Wednesday, I introduced my Tuesday gig for the next forty Tuesdays (it seems like such a long one but I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it.)

I want to talk a little bit about what we’ll expect.

  1. Your story will be told (if you’re in love with a baboon.) There is really nothing new under the sun, and I believe it is so that we can learn our lessons. Much of the stories will be from the Bible. But you’ll soon find out, this looks just like me.
  2. Female baboons I will call hyenas. They are just as deadly. Maybe even more because they add spirit to character. Again, you may think I’m talking about you.
  3. Don’t be offended, instead, learn.
  4. I love you.


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