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070516Divorce checklist for all couples, married and aspiring

I say it over and again, divorce can happen to anyone at any time. Whether your marriage is ten days or ten weeks, twenty-five months or twenty-five years, there is no guarantee it is divorce-proof. Sometimes, those marriages that look clean on the surface are full of dirt underneath so when couples you think are super-super divorce, you ask how come? On the other hand, you see a couple constantly on their throats and you wonder why they are still together.

For this divorce checklist, you want to see if you are on the brink of giving up on your marriage. Please answer sincerely and preferably with your spouse/partner. And then talk it out. All the way.


Is divorce an option for you?                                                 Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Are you holding grudges?                                                       Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you feel short-changed?                                                   Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you still see reasons to stay in your marriage?            Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Have you exhausted all your energy?                                  Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Are you tired of recurring issues?                                         Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Have you sought help for your marital problems?            Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Have you received counsel on your issues?                        Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Have you received help on your issues?                              Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Are you abused?                                                                       Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Have you sought help about the abuse?                              Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you fantasize about marital freedom?                          Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Have you been advised to divorce before?                         Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

If you have the proper support, will you divorce?           Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you weep over your marriage often?                            Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do people pity you?                                                                Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you have blood pressure problems?                            Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you feel abused?                                                               Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Are you self-confident?                                                        Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you suffer ego damage from your spouse often?      Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

When you pray about your marriage, do you get

answers to your prayers?                                                     Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you regret your marriage choice often?                      Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Do you believe your spouse is cheating on you?            Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Have you discussed divorce with your spouse before? Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

Is divorce the option for you?                                            Y____    N___      M_____    D_____

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