Roses N Chocolates


LeahJacob wants to marry Rachel, and serve her father for seven years to pay up the dowry.

Leah could remember the look in Rachel’s eyes that first night. Her smile at being questioned for being dressed up. The young man must have spoken to her. It was obvious she knew and loved him in return.

Why would Jacob want to work to pay the dowry? Had he been cast out by his father, Isaac? Or denied the blessing for some reason?

Why would her father agree to such a proposal? Had he forgotten she was first, and still not betrothed? Or he anticipated a man would come before the years ran out?

She hoped so. She prayed to Jehovah she would not be put to this shame. At this stage she would love even a hired hand.

She couldn’t bear it anymore. The love in Jacob’s eyes each time he looked at Rachel. He worked like his life depended on it, and saved from any little gains.

Several times Leah had caught them in secret places, sporting. She envied the love they had. She envied the beauty and freshness of their youth. When they were not together Rachel complained the years stretched.

But now it’d been six years.

Next year, if no one came for her, Rachel would be married to the love of her life, and she Leah, would become relegate, and never able to find a husband.



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