Roses N Chocolates


LeahShe couldn’t sleep through the night. Rachel would be married the following evening. She had tried to be happy for her sister but this sister made it tough. She laughed all over the place, making it clear she was the bride, not Leah.

Leah overheard her once whisper to some of the ladies in the family about how plain she was and how Jacob had eyes for beauty. It hurt.

Oh Jehovah! Why did you create me? The women of the house made preparations. Jacob’s mother had arrived, with other members of the large family.

How would she face everyone? She couldn’t. She wouldn’t.

In the morning, music filled the air.

Leah’s feet felt heavy as they hit the ground. Zilpah waited on her. She veiled her face totally, sure no one wanted to see her. She really tried to be happy for Rachel, but it was so hard. So hard to face the bleak future ahead.

No man would want her now. Her father may as well send her away to curb the shame. She would die in the desert somewhere as she roamed. Rachel’s life began today as hers would end.

Laban had more than enough helps to attend tables and make guests comfortable, still Leah hid behind her veil, and stayed amongst the servants. She was no longer any better. Severally, tears stung her eyes. Not only did she want Jacob, the pain of his rejection of her and love for Rachel hit deep down. Could she ever love her sister?

It would not be necessary anyway. Rachel would be gone to her husband’s people, and she would be thrown out of her father’s own to avoid shame.

The celebrations went on and on, music everywhere. It became too much, and Leah escaped to the field. She could see entertainers from afar, and the pinch of the laughter all around hurt deeper than a knife wound.

“Leah! Leah!”

She startled. She had not heard anyone approach.

“Father.” She pressed her hand to her chest. “You have guests.”

He held her hands. “Leah. I cannot flout tradition. And I will not throw you out of our family.”

She bit her lip. “This cannot be your fault, father.”

“I must present you to Jacob tonight.”

She stepped back and tripped. Her father reached out and grabbed her arm. She pushed her veil aside and glared at the man, her father. He was dubious in many ways and drove a hard bargain, but she knew he loved her.

“No, Father. You don’t have to. I understand the consequences, and I am willing to face them.”

“You don’t, Leah. Jacob doesn’t want you. I asked him. From the start. This is why I made him work for seven years. I could have taken a year for you.”

His words, meant to comfort but the truth in them stung. He would take less than a year, she knew.

“I have arranged for Rachel’s clothes to be laid in your tent. Hurry and have a bath. Her oils and scents are all ready. You will go into Jacob’s chamber dressed like your sister.” He seemed in a haste.

Leah blanched. “No, Father. I will never do it.”

“Then you must be gone from my land in the morning.”

She gaped. “Where will I go?”

“I don’t know, Leah. I don’t know why Jehovah gave you such a plain look. All I know is that I have done my part to help you. Tomorrow you will be Jacob’s wife, or be gone from your home.” He walked away.

She wondered what he would gain in all this. Her father never did anything without personal profit.



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