Roses N Chocolates


LeahFor a moment she lay sprawled and naked. A strange twinge formed in his belly. She was beautiful in her own way. But she wasn’t Rachel, the love of his life. Jacob knocked his hand against his head, angry more with himself than with her. He had been deceived. He paced, unable to decide whether to throw her out first before finding her father.

She sat up and pushed tangled thick dark hair from her face. It looked like she didn’t know where she was. The morning after. And what a night.

Reality dawned and she scooted backward as he glared at her. What would she say? Was this as much her fault as his? How could he have been so deceived? She did smell like Rachel, and had a similar frame. She wore Rachel’s clothes too.

He stomped off.


Leah bit her lip to stop them from trembling. She rushed to dress up before he returned and found out the clothes were all gone. What did he do to her clothes? Rachel’s clothes.

Frantic, she pulled one of the satin quilt curtains and wrapped her body. She had to wait till he returned. What next? He had known her. She was now legally his wife. What could he do to her?

She knelt by the bed and clasped her hand to her chest. She muttered prayers of atonement and supplication.

Heavy footprints come thumping into the chamber and she looked up.

“You gave me Leah. This is Leah, not Rachel.” Jacob’s voice was low but vibrated with emotion.

Laban was insisting?

Her father walked in. “Yes, I gave you Leah. Because it is against our tradition for the younger to marry before the older.”

Jacob squinted. “I worked for Rachel.”

“I cannot go against our customs.”

Leah blanched. They should not have this conversation in her presence. Her skin grew hot and she wished she could disappear.

“I want Rachel. She’s the one I love!”

Jah, Jehovah, mercy, Leah wept inward. She closed her eyes and allowed the harsh words roll over her. The most important was she now had a husband. Their customs will continue to protect her rights. She could only pray it.

“You can have Rachel. Once you fulfill Leah’s week,” Laban said.

Leah’s eyes fluttered open. She caught the relief in Jacob’s face. His body relaxed, and he even chuckled.

“Thank you, Laban. You are a honorable man.”

“You must work for me for another seven years for her dowry,” Laban said.

For a moment, Leah hoped Jacob would argue.

“Anything for Rachel. I will do anything.”



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