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PROMISE TOMORROW (Eiba Family Saga Book 2)

promise-cover-for-blogCHAPTER 3 


When Buki George saw the classified advert, his heart skipped a beat. All he could think of was the venture ahead. For long, he had hoped for a change. A change of work, status, and lifestyle. But most importantly, he had desired to settle down. Have a woman in his future. A woman he could love and trust, and depend on. His muscles rippled as he stretched and read through the advert again. It was a long one in This Day. Several positions were open, and he got his perfect fit.

Knowing what he wanted was the first step to achieving the aim. This seemed like a project to pursue. Decoy Holdings was a household name in the business world, and it was not a secret what kind of life the Eibas led. Being the family owners of Decoy, their lives was like a book in a public library. A bestseller. Most people knew what latest news about the rich family was. A job in Decoy was not only a good job, but a status job as well. Even if he was going to be a security man.

He knew little about the family and cared less but in a chance meeting, he had met Kade, the heir to the family fortune and seen from afar his gorgeous sister. Then a thought struck him. What if Kade Eiba would do the interview? The guy would remember him alright. He pushed the thought away and jumped to his feet, flinging the newspaper and it’s classified to one side. He would give it a try. If it worked, he would be better off for it. If it didn’t work…why think of the negative?

With one hand behind his neck, he pulled the body-hug jersey T-shirt he wore over his head and dropped it in his laundry bag. Muscles shifted as he stretched and jerked once more. His athletic bones needed no exercise but Buki never waited for it to. He did his press-ups, one hundred of them, every day, jogged morning and night and lifted weights that helped him tone his muscles right.

Many people admired his physique. It was a result of years of hard work and determination, focus, lots of exercises, the proper diet, and no steroids. He never missed an opportunity for a massage either. It was part of his routine in the gym where he currently worked.

He moved around his room briskly, putting things in order before the imminent journey. He would need accommodation in Lagos and that meant some good money. He knew he had to organize himself right otherwise, the whole plot would fail. He made a note of what he would need. Few things. He had to be careful what he took with him. He pulled out a bag from his closet and dropped items into it—three sets of clothing, one set of toiletries, a pair of shoes. He zipped the bag and walked into his bathroom for a quick shower. Within minutes, he was ready to leave.

“Lord, to your hands I commit my soul,” he whispered before he turned off the lights and left for the motor park.

He didn’t look back. Didn’t mind his colleagues at the gym didn’t know he was leaving; they would not let him. It was time to do things differently, to get his desired result.

The journey was a long one, ten hours, give or take. The weather was good, hot of course but windy, crisp. He would need to adapt to the environment, a new weather, but he hoped that should not be difficult. It had already started raining in Lagos, he’d been monitoring the weather in the news.

As he waited for the luxurious bus to leave, a magazine vendor passed by displaying his stock. One of the magazines caught Buki’s attention and he signalled to the vendor.

“Let me have that Star Life magazine.”

The vendor handed it to him.

The headlines Secret Wedding Revealed was the reason Buki wanted the junky stuff. He never read any other magazine apart from the sports one, and recently, business magazines.

He looked at the picture of the beautiful, and spoilt rich Eiba girl on the cover, with the inserted pictures of a man and a woman, smooching. “Jude Anja takes sweetheart to the altar, barely a month after calling it quits with spoilt billionaire heiress.”

Buki looked at the anxious vendor. “How much is this?”

“N250 only.”

He paid the said amount and did not hesitate to look at the full story of his interest.

“Society lawyer Jude Anja, son of millionaire fisherman, Cletus Anja, last Saturday, in what was supposed to be a secret wedding at the Obudu Ranch Resort, exchanged vows with his new flame, Christiana Ehomokhedi, daughter of retired civil servant, Justus Ehomokhedi.

This ceremony came barely a month after Jude broke up with his love of eight years billionaire heiress, Modele Eiba. Sources close to the property lawyer said Jude had been tired of Modele’s spoilt disposition and pressure to marry for so long, that Christiana whom he met less than a year earlier was a breath of fresh air…”

Buki ran through the rest of the story and a brief history of the lives of the Eibas, which always seemed to be a hot sell. Thereafter, he skipped through other pages of the magazine. He was not interested in anyone’s private life, though another story on the Eibas caught his attention. He submitted to the whim. No harm in learning more about the people he could be working with.

“Ronke Eiba opens Art Exhibition in Style.”

Buki stared at the picture of the woman. She looked so young, so pretty. He’d never seen her before, or her picture. She looked twenty years younger than what he expected her to be. She was indeed a beauty to behold and a talented one too. He wasn’t interested in the story but the celebrity roll call fascinated him – Bashorun Tunde Kuti, Governor, Lagos State and wife, Dr. Ayo Ayobankale, Governor, Ogun State and wife… Buki counted five state governors with their wives, a few more without, and several first ladies, senators and top-ranking public officers. Ten of the richest men in the country, and some from Africa. Bank CEOs, oil magnates, and business moguls you only heard of in the news… The list was endless.

“Rich people got friends,” he said under his breath and folded the magazine, his mind wandered back to the trip. He had never travelled such a distance by road, yet he could not afford to put this one off. It was the opportunity of a life time. And one he would not miss either. At least, he would give it his best shot.


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