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PROMISE TOMORROW (Eiba Family Saga Book 2)

promise-cover-for-blogCHAPTER 5


Buki nodded in acceptance while keeping his gaze on her, carefully expressionless.

“My bodyguard?!” Modele choked on her juice and coughed. “Oh Daddy, I don’t need a bodyguard.” She allowed her eyes to roam his body.

He wasn’t particularly handsome but tall, such long legs. And so muscled. An ugly scar ran from his left cheekbone to just above his Adam’s apple. He swallowed under her scrutiny, and his Adam’s apple shifted. She looked away. “I don’t need him!”

“But you do! I don’t want just anyone moping around you…”

“Daddy, I work at home. I live with Toro and we are fine. I now have a gateman and four night security men… it really is getting ridiculous!”

Ronke threw her hands in the air. “There’s nothing ridiculous about the way you carry on concerning Jude. You need people around you.”

“I have more than enough people around me! Thanks to you. Last week alone you got me three additional house staffs.” She counted off her slim fingers. “A gardener, a day watch, a housekeeper… in fact, four. A personal assistant. I can’t believe you’re still employing?!”

Ronke faced her squarely. “Each of them have their duties to perform!”

“You need people around you to take your mind off Jude,” Kola said softly. “To be sure you don’t harm yourself.”

“Mom, Daddy you are taking this too far. You’re just…” She rolled her eyes. “You’re just so paranoid. I’m fine, I said so before.”

“You need someone to escort you when you go out,” Kola said.

“I don’t go out!” She screamed. “With the house swarming with people, Toro can escort me or that stringy lady you employed as my PA!” Modele hissed ceremoniously. Ronke burst into laughter and Kola moaned. Buki shifted on his feet, but she caught the subtle amusement in his dark eyes.

“You still need a strong man around. And Buki comes highly recommended,” Kola said. “Kade had a personal chat with him before travelling yesterday.”

She sneered. “You spoke with my brother?”

Buki scratched his temple. “We had a brief discussion. Yes.”

“I assure you dear, you need him.”

“Well, Daddy.” Modele shrugged. “I will agree on one condition…two.” She paused and looked pointedly at Buki. “One, I will take him if you dismiss all those extras…”

“Modele, you can’t…” Ronke started.

“Mom! Two, I don’t want you to add more after him.”

Kola threw his arms up in surrender. “All goes.”

“KE, don’t you think…” Ronke looked worriedly at her husband but kept quiet when he shook his head.

“We redeploy them. So…” He clapped his hand delightfully. “Mr. George, you’re on board.”

Thank you, sir.”

Modele sniffed. “So, I have Toro and him alone.”

“The day and night guards are not part of this arrangement, you know!”

Modele glared. “I know.”

She looked at the Mr. George again and frowned. Currently, she did not trust any man except her father and brothers.


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