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Before I jump into this my deep thinking, let me establish here that I am not a woman-rights activist, neither am I a feminist. My views on these issues are purely Biblical. God created man and woman in His image, and gave us roles.

Now, I listened to the interview of Mrs. Aisha Buhari (though I don’t understand Hausa language, I needed to watch the video to understand exactly what was going on.) Watch here!

To my amazement, shortly afterward, Mr. President responded to that video, and provoked the kind of support I never had for his beautiful wife within me. I mean, how could he say that to anyone’s hearing?

Anyway, this is what I saw when I watched the interview:

  • I noticed her facial expression, her hand gestures, her posture. She was not being confrontational in the least.
  • I noticed a depressed woman. A worried woman. A concerned woman.
  • Her words taken out of “meaning” were deep and for the first time, I sympathized, and identified with this woman. (May I say here they were not my candidate in 2015.)
  • What I understood from her body language, merged with her words, was that she was expressing frustrations at the way the intentions of her husband had been overridden by mean-spirited politicians who had no good plans for Nigeria.
  • She was campaigning for her husband, crying out to all to hear that the man couldn’t do a quarter of what he intended.
  • She was pleading with the heartless politicians to let go of the machinery and let Mr. Buhari move forward.
  • And her conclusion was that if things continued like this, she would not encourage her man to return to Aso Rock or vie for that office.
  • Note the word IF, conditional, prayerful, purposeful, IF. She would not be a part of such a murder of the conscience she could see being displayed in the party.

I would have expected Mr. President to applaud her courage to speak her mind, and assure her to Nigerians and the whole world, that she will see the Nigeria she prayed for.




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