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exit-onlyOkay my dear fellows, this is awkward but I’m gonna say it anyway.

#SEXTALK is going to be on my blog on impulse. Just as today’s post came to me suddenly, lol, I’ll speak as led.

The privates of a woman has three passages. The wee-wee place, the poo-poo place, and #theotherplace. There are two “exits only” (wee-wee and poo-poo places) and #theotherplace is a “thorough fare.”


During sex/intercourse/love-making, only the “thorough fare” can “give and receive.” Just as it is insane, and impossible, weird, unthinkable to receive a man in the wee-wee place, it also is (insane, and impossible – well now people do it, weird, unthinkable, oh and painful!) for the poo-poo place.

Does this answer your question about “anal sex?”

It’s a no-no. Even nature itself teaches us these things.

Okay, said and done, I’m out!

I want your feedback too. Thank you!

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    Nice talk on the 3 important places in the body..

    October 26, 2016

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