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mountain-lion-1143576_1280“These are the most beautiful of God’s creatures,” she said, as she tickled the crown of the cub’s head.
Clarence narrowed his eyes. “I didn’t travel all this way to play, Miss.”
She threw back her mane and stared at him with dark eyes. “Your pet will meet up with you in two weeks. We have a lot of paper work to do.” She straightened. “Once we clear your check of course.”
He smirked. “That is the least of the problem.”
She tossed her long dark hair again, and caught his attention. She looked as wild and beautiful as the animals she cared for.
Clarence felt an attraction. Of course he had no intention of following up on it. He wasn’t into humans, if one could put it that way.
“You’ve come a long way, and paid a fortune.”
“She’s worth every cent.”
She smiled, and the hard lines around her mouth softened, putting her age between twenty and thirty. He wondered how long she’d worked here, in the reserved jungles of Argentina. Her skin was a dark tan, and he couldn’t decide if she was mixed race or sun-burnt. The color suited her though.
“Ah.” Clarence didn’t notice women unless he had use of them for some reason no one termed normal.
She arched an eyebrow. “Did you say something?”
He scowled. “Two weeks. I want my new pet with me.”
“You will.” She walked away from the caged cub. “This way.”
Clarence stared at the baby lion. She would do. A replacement for Bla, his murdered tiger-cub, was long overdue.
He didn’t think he wanted a replacement for the woman who killed Bla though, so why were thoughts of this lion-woman trailing him even after he traveled back to Lagos?


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