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America Decides 2016

america-decides-elections-2016America is my favorite country on earth, though of course, I’ve not visited so many places but my first time in this great country, and each time I visit, I am awed. Something new thrills me each time. Indeed, it is a great sub-continent. And as America decides on who leads the next 4 years, the person I call “the president of the world,” I say this prayer:

Dear Lord,

I love America, you know I do. I love that their money still carries your name, despite many things they do that is not pleasing to you. I love the warmth in the country, the diversity, their love for migrants, their freedom and their strength.

Lord I pray today, that as America votes for their president, s/he will be a wo/man controlled by you, directed by you, protected by you, endorsed by you.

Let the next four years be of praise and progress to America, and the world as a whole.

Most especially, let today’s decision favor me, my faith, my family, and my country.

In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Join me to say the above prayer if you love America.

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