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PROMISE TOMORROW (Eiba Family Saga Book 2)

promise-cover-for-blogCHAPTER 14


Modele paced the vast leg space of the family library nervously. She had not slept the previous night, and was beginning to feel tired. Buki had instructed her to see her parents and talk with them first. As soon as it was morning. She had thought a phone call should do the trick but he insisted she speak to them personally. She agreed.

When she called, they had told her to come at once but when she arrived, they were in a crucial meeting with some European delegates. The foreigners had come in just before she did and Modele now had to wait for the meeting to be over. She used the opportunity to think over what she would say again.

“Mom, Daddy, Buki and I are in love.” She rolled it over her mind and shook her head. It didn’t sound right. They would ask which Buki. Buki, the gardener, don’t be ridiculous, she could hear her father say.

“Oh God, help me,” she cried for the umpteenth time.

The door opened behind her and she turned to face her reality, squeezing her fingers together. A uniformed maid came in with chilled juice and glasses. Modele let out her breath. She had not known she was holding it.

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

The maid nodded and left hurriedly, bumping into Ronke at the entrance. She curtseyed. “Sorry, ma’am.”

Ronke waved her off, and proceeded into the exquisite library. The family library had previously been the children’s living room but as the estate expanded and other rooms were created, it was turned into the family library. Most of the books were books that belonged to the children. School books, story books and lots of novels. Though they called it a library, it had very few library features and looked more like a living room with a 69” TV, DVD player, video player, VCDs and home theatre and a multi-media. The settee was homely and there were a few library chairs and two tables. Computers complete with accessories and printers were each on the tables.

Ronke swayed gently toward her daughter, arms outstretched.

“I’m so sorry dear. The Brussels GM just came in with two of the marketing directors. We had been expecting them since yesterday. Apparently, they missed their flight.” She hugged her daughter. Kola came in right after her.

“They’ve been taken to the staff house. We’ll discuss business over lunch,” Kola said.

“Daddy.” Modele gave him a hug. “Sorry to disturb you.”

“Not at all my dear. The market in Europe is growing even though we’re still nowhere near the stock market. It’s a lot of hard work but this GM is living up to the challenge.” He clapped his hands delightfully. “So it’s good news all the way.”

“And he’s been able to raise some people on his team. Europeans too,” Ronke added. “Being married to one of them has helped.”

“Yeah that’s true. One of the marketing directors is his brother-in-law.” Kola poured some juice from what the maid brought and handed to his wife.

She accepted it gracefully with a smile, and took a dainty sip. “Is that so? Which one of them?”

“The taller of the two.” He filled another glass with juice and drank it half way before stopping.

“The smarter,” Ronke said.

“Yes. Kwameh is very smart too. You know, I discovered the Ghanaians are doing very well on the board…”

Ronke winked. “Despite the continued bad blood between you and your in-law.”

Kola finished the juice in a second drink. “I’m glad I sent Kwameh to Brussels.”

Modele stared between the two of them. They had virtually forgotten she was there.

“Juice?” He looked at Modele. She declined.


“You sounded distracted on the phone,” Kola interrupted. “What is the matter?”

“It’s Buki George. He—” she stammered.

“Are you having problems with him?”

Both parents spoke at the same time. “He what?”

“No, nothing. He’s doing fine. I like him…”

“That’s good,” Kola said.

Ronke arched her eyebrows. “Like him, how?”

“You know, love. I’m—I’m in love with him!” Modele let out a heavy sigh and closed her eyes. She couldn’t bear to see their reaction. When none of them spoke, her eyes flew open. “I think I need some juice after all.” She summoned the courage to look at her father and quickly looked away.

Kola and Ronke exchanged glances before Kola poured some juice for his daughter. His motion was taut. She feared the worst.

“And what does he feel about you?” Kola said carefully.

“He loves me too. So he says. I think he does,” she said hurriedly. The couple exchanged glances again and then looked at her.

“Did he say it or you simply feel so?” It was Ronke in a strained voice.

“He told me several times,” Modele blurted out. She took a long drink from her glass and avoided her parents’ gaze.

Kola snapped. “What guts?!”

“It’s not the way you think, Daddy. He was reluctant at first but he couldn’t just…” She dropped her empty glass on the table and looked pointedly at them. “I knew it…I knew you’ll make this hard for me.” She turned and ran out of the room.


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