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What started as a silly bet turns to a race for survival.

Thanks for voting last week. 57% wants our Stalker to live alone, and 79% want her to have a regular career job! It’s forming. We will now vote her race/ethnicity.

Take 3 – Where is she from?

Where the stalker is from will determine which country this story will be set in. Is she African? And if so, is she Nigerian? To help me the writer, I will keep the options few so we don’t get confused. The truth is, a stalker anywhere in the world will behave the same, so really her race/ethnicity does not impact her negative behaviour, but rather the facility she has at her disposal.

As a regular career lady, she is enlightened and this gives us a lot of props to work with. I am excited about where this story is going.

Please vote now.

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Next week, I will create two simple profiles we will vote on, and then we’re done voting and our story can start in May! Yay.

From time to time, we will vote on the course and twist in the story.

Stay connected.

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