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What started as a silly bet turns to a race for survival.

Thanks for voting last week. 44% wants our Stalker to not come from Africa or Nigeria! Amazing. I have chosen two character profiles. Not easy job at all, so please do help me vote on these, and ask your friends and family to do so too. The votes last week were not enough.


The character profile I have provided here is sketchy, to get us started. As we meet the other people in our stalker’s life, some parts of her life not stated here, will be exposed.

Meet the stalker.

Profile 1:

Name:              Anderson “Andy” Liver

Height:            Average (5ft 5 in)

Age:                24

Hair:                Brown

Eyes:               Brown

Skin:                Dark

Race:               Caucasian

Lives alone:     Center City, Philly

Work:              Legal Assistant with government

Hobby:            Stalking (lol), working out

Mobility:         Cherokee jeep

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Profile 2:

Name:              Anderson “Andy” Liver

Height:            Tall (5ft 9 in)

Age:                27

Hair:                Blond

Eyes:               Light blue/Gray

Skin:                Fair

Race:               Caucasian

Lives alone:     Center City, Philly

Work:              Realtor with a private firm

Hobby:            Stalking (lol), hiking

Mobility:         Ford Fiesta

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Please vote now.

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Next week, I will start writing the thriller. Don’t worry, voting will be reduced to a few times, especially when I get stuck. Lol.

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