Roses N Chocolates


I was weak, and dazed when Aaron finally held my face and kissed it, “goodnight.” I walked back into my house on noodle feet, and leaned against the door. I needed to think this through. Wow! He was vicious. What was I going to do with a man like this?

We had been together for less than an hour, necking! He must have come over to talk, but that didn’t happen. I needed to set things straight between us. We couldn’t do this. A good relationship can’t be based on physical attraction.

Marry me, Shirley!

His voice was so clear, I shuddered. Would I be able to keep up with this man? And if I couldn’t what would happen? I pressed myself against the wall and fought tears. He loved me, and I loved him too. Now at least I was sure of that. As wild as he was tonight, I wanted it too. I never protested or pushed him away. But with the way my body shamelessly throbbed, I knew Aaron and I needed distance between us or we’d commit…

The sexual energy between us was too strong. Admitting it to myself made me ashamed. I slid to the floor and hugged my body.

“Lord, I don’t want to do this again. Sleep with a man I wasn’t married to.” I sobbed. “Please help me, Lord. I’m so weak.”

What would happen tomorrow when he picked me from work? What if he took me to his house? I couldn’t let that happen. I’d rather run than stay and fight this raw emotion I never imagined I could exhume.

Aaron knew it. He’d exhibited this before but at the time, I was just a scared one-night stand who was too perplexed to pay attention. To think we were supposed to settle our disagreement, instead I’d been like cotton candy in his arms.

Marry me, Shirley!

“Aaron.” I murmured. “Sweetheart.” I covered my head and wept softly.

I had to marry him before I am alone with him again. What we did in that half-hour on the main street in front of my house, was too much to ignore.

“God forgive me,” I whispered.

We didn’t go all the way, but we could have. And it was without doubt we would next time. If we had another “alone” time.

I took my phone and sent Aaron a message:

Marry me, or I die.

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