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I discovered brutally it does nothing to take away the sin that brought it in the first place, because when Aaron showed up to pick me the following day, my hunger for him rose like a fiery dragon. He had never looked so handsome to me in blue striped shirt and black chinos trousers.

He smiled when I got into his car, and I nearly died of want. Me, who once swore never to look at a man with desire for relationship!

“If you send me that kind of message again, I’ll take you into the bush and rape you.” He started the ignition. “How was your day?”

I frowned. “What message?”

“Marry me or I die?” He moaned. “Are you really out to kill me or what?”

“Oh that.” I swallowed. “You too must never touch me like that again.”

“Before marriage, you mean?”

“Before marriage.”

He joined the traffic before he spoke. “Then don’t look like that.”

I gasped. “Like how? My dress was decent.”

He chuckled. “I mean the way you look all the time. Beautiful. Tempting.”

We had to talk about this. It’s good to be appealing to the man you’ll marry, but this wasn’t healthy at all.

“We need to talk, Aaron. What happened last night—”

“I agree. Let’s go to my house.”

I screeched. “I’m not joking! Is this play?”

He exclaimed. “I’m not joking either.”

“I can’t be alone with you till we get married. And even then, what if I fall sick. Or you must travel. Your desires will push you back on the streets.”

He paused for a long time, I looked at him. The smile on his face was gone, replaced by a jaw-twitch.

I heaved. “It’s a fact we must face.”

“What fact? That I can’t control my emotions? That I’ll go back to pick prostitutes by the roadside?”

“What I’m saying is that we need to address our emotions.”

“What if I accuse you that if we go broke at some point in our married lives you’ll go back to stand by the road?”

“How can you say that?”

He hit the steering. “Then what fact are you talking about?”

I glared at him. “What we did last night? Are you not worried about it?”

His face was twisted in such a frown I thought he was going to park the car and attack me.

“No.” He snapped. “I’m not worried. My emotions are in perfect shape. I will not go looking for a whore if you fall sick or I travel.”

“Aaron, you don’t have to be upset about this.”

“What I’m worried about is you. Will you hit the streets the moment I can’t pay children’s fees or something?”

It was no use talking when he was in this provocative mood, and I was getting upset too.

“Just take me to my house.”

He did. And sped off before I’d hardly stepped out of his jeep.

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    What will happen next? What suspense?
    Would wish they get counsel probably from spiritual authorities in their lives such as their pastor(s) since it seems they both believe they have changed and are probably Christians.
    Hope they get to live happily ever after

    May 11, 2017

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