Roses N Chocolates


The much-anticipated Sunday came, and Aaron attended my church. He enjoyed the service, though we worshipped in the same denomination, but different parishes.

Pastor was happy to meet him. He talked about the procedure for getting married in the church, and when he asked for our proposed wedding date, Aaron told him the Saturday after counselling ended.

I couldn’t stop laughing even after we left.

“We have three months to train our emotions,” I said. “Testing testing.”

“You know something, Shirley? The more you focus on it, the more you get drawn into the fear. That’s how it works.”

“I’m not just going to let down my guard.”


He didn’t want to face the reality, but I knew. Perhaps all men were like that. Refusing to face the fact about their weaknesses. The look on his face hinted on a storm ahead.

I cheered up, and changed the subject. “Where are we going?”

“Huh, I thought we’d go to this new place in my neighborhood. The food is a la carte, and you get to cook yourself if you wish.”

“Hmm, that should be fun. Is it crowded?” He shot me a frown, and I laughed. “Just joking. But we’re not going to your house afterward.”

It happened to be a very private and nice place. Aaron wanted us to cook together, and for almost an hour, we were totally alone. By the time our food was done, I didn’t feel like eating.

“Should we just pack the food, I’m not hungry.”

Aaron closed up on me. “You want me?”

I shut my eyes, unable to look at him. My palms were damp. All the intimacy in the small cooking space made me want to be alone with him. I could feel my arousal all the way from my throat to the tips of my toes.

“Just take me home.”

“Touch my face,” he said.

I frowned. “Why?”

“I feel just the way you do. But we didn’t do anything, did we?”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh Aaron. Just…”

“No, I’m serious. Did we?”

“Well, maybe we both know this is a public place.” I shrugged. “Anyone could bump into us.”

“That’s not it, and you know. We controlled it. I did. I know.”

I did too. Several times I wanted to walk into his arms, but instead walked the opposite direction. It took every iota of my physical ability.

“Three months is not all we have, darling.” He pulled me into his arms. “I reconnected with you over a year ago, and every single day of that time, I wanted you.”

“What are you saying?”

“I can control it. My need. And I know you can too. We just have to pay attention.”

He bent his head and kissed my mouth. The shock of his action hurled me over. Never again would I condemn anyone who “committed” before marriage. The divide was just a thin line.

I pulled back like a lode was on my back. “Pay attention, love.”

He soughed. “Just wanted to know if you can.”


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