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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

For several minutes after Luke left, I remain on my doorstep, staring at my new car. I can’t believe he’s just bought me a car. After I got a car from a boyfriend, and his new girlfriend came and took it from me, I stopped asking men for a car. Story for another day.

I slowly walk around the Audi. A4, it looks like a recent model. Can’t still believe it. Luke! What manner of man is this? Does his things his way. Talks little and full of action.

A scream escapes from my lips and I clasp my hand over my mouth!

“Wow, Luke! Oh father thank you.”

I open the car and get inside. I now notice it smells like a new car. Even if it is not. I open the glove compartment, and see the car documents. And yes! It is a new car registered in my name.

I think I’m in love.

It happened only once that I fell in love with a married man, and the trauma forever made me never to try it again but with Luke—Luke is too much. Too good to be true. He knows how to treat a woman—me.

I sit inside my car and stare into space. The thoughts running through my mind are too huge. Can Luke marry me? If I would ever get married, it has to be with a man like him. So kind and considerate.

Hmm, I have had affairs with men who will give you two grand and demand from your body two hundred grand. Not this handsome gentleman who is married but treats me like his queen.

After what seems like ages, I lock my car and get into the house. With a silly smile on my face, I wash my face, and take a quick shower.

It’s close to 2AM before I tuck myself into bed. As part of my habit before I sleep, I look through my second phone. I don’t take it with me when I go out especially with a man. Since I’m a private person, most times I don’t have any messages or calls.

This time though, I see Toyin’s call. She just never let up. And a strange number. The person had called and sent a message. I open the message and it’s a quote for my leaking sink.


The plumber’s penetrating dark eyes pop before me. His quote is reasonable, just about five thousand. There’s nothing for his workmanship but I presume it shouldn’t be more than another five.

I reply his message and ask him to come the following afternoon. Since Luke is going to call, I will most likely be free for another week or more. I can sleep late and do whatever I like…go for a ride in my new car!

Nosakhare Williams has a car registered in her name. Her first car. Some bimbo can never come and take it from me like the other time. This one is my own.

I fall asleep with the smile on my face.


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