Roses N Chocolates


Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

It’s crazy I’m losing my timeline. When did Luke call last? It’s going to a month, or has Femi blinded me? Can’t be.

I pick my phone and call him. Luke Chase my multi-millionaire married boyfriend. Yes, we didn’t break up. I’m still officially his side-chick.

All the intimacy with Femi seems to drain my brain and energy. He’s been sleeping in my house for over a week, with the excuse he doesn’t want to sleep on the floor, since as a gentleman, he can’t let Ivy sleep on the floor.

“Hello. Luke.”

Oh, darling, I’ll call you right back. Give me five minutes.”

I roll my eyes. “Okay, sure.” I hang up.

I peep through my half-open door. Femi is in the bathroom having a shower. He does that every day before he goes to his house and changes clothes. Because I refuse to let him move in.

My phone rings, and I walk to the parlor. “Hello. Luke.”

“Darling, I’m sorry I didn’t call. But I paid in some money into your account. Didn’t you see it?”

“I saw the money.” I pout. “But is our relationship only about money?”

Huh, baby girl. This man here is very busy. I also have a home, remember?”

I also have a boyfriend too, now. Duh.

“Are you telling me I should go and get a husband?”

Luke chuckles. “Will he share?”

Femi chooses this wrong minute to step out of the room, tying a towel. He bends over my neck but I move forward before his lips touch me.

“My boyfriend!”

“You have another boyfriend?”

I roll my eyes. “No, I’m talking to someone here.”

Femi shrugs and returns to the bedroom.

Oh, I was wondering why you were complaining about my absence.”

Luke’s words run through my veins. How shallow my life is right now. Has always been, maybe.

“Are we going out soon?”

Yeah, sure. Soon. I just got into the country. And I’m leaving again in a few days.”

I whined. “I know you’re busy but it’s been almost a month.”

“From last time I saw you, I took my family for two weeks’ vacation, we just got back.” He mumbles something to someone else. “Greece. Have you been to Greece before?”

I purr. I can’t lose this guy. “Until you take me, darling.”

“I try to take them to a different country at least once a year. Those people have gone round, mehn.” He chuckles. “I should take you too?”

“Marry me, Luke.”

My head jerks up. I can’t believe I just proposed to him. And Femi is standing right in front of me. I didn’t even know he’d come back to the parlor, still in the towel.

“Marry you? Okay, Nosa, I think we need to see. I’ll pick you tonight at six.”

He hangs up before I can say more.

Femi arches an eyebrow. “Am I mistaken, or did you just propose to a man.”

I hiss and walk out of the house. I need fresh air. I need to be alone.


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