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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

“It’s not Ivy. Well,” he shrugs. “Ivy told a little bit. It’s Toyin, your good friend. Who used to arrange boys for both of you. Now she’s repented, and given God a chance.”

“Untie me, and get out of my house. I never want to see you again.”

“Or else what?”

My head pounds. Good question! It’s just about eight in the morning. What can I do? Luke won’t be around till six in the evening.

Femi leans forward. “We want to help you. Forget about Luke! How will you feel if he marries you and starts cheating with another prostitute?”

I want to kill him. I want to kill Femi right now. This is what happens when you agree to sleep with a man who doesn’t have money. Love is a mirage. This insult is too much, I feel I can do anything. But my hands are bound, secured behind my back.

“That does not concern you, or Toyin or Ivy.” I snicker.

How did he even find Toyin? But I refuse to ask him. This evil man has been snooping around my things. This is why it is dangerous to fall in love and bring a stranger to your life.

“Untie me, and get out of here, Femi. And I don’t ever want to see you again.”

“I will untie you if you promise not to attack me again.”

I breath hard. “I want you out of my house. Just untie me and leave.” I want to add that if he doesn’t leave, I will attack him, but I can’t. He has the power now.

“I love you, Nosa. I’ve asked myself several times why I do, despite knowing the truth about you. I can’t say why. All I know is that I love you.”

“Untie me, Femi!”

He slouches for a second, and then unties me. As soon as I am free, I run into the kitchen and get a knife, but he is already at the door.

“I will always love you. And think about it, you know where to find me if you decide to change your life.”

“Get out!”

But he is gone before I finish barking the order.

Alone, I feel as if the wind just left my sail. Femi has never followed me to church, but he has more respect for God’s word than I do. I heave and puff, and wonder if I didn’t just throw my Jonah out of the boat. The answer to my life’s questions.

Toyin and Ivy! Now Femi.

The other voice in my head laughs and thanks me for getting rid of the enemy of progress and good life. I return the knife and enter my room. Thank goodness, I have a few hours to gather myself together before Luke arrives.

It’s not easy going back to normal after such a traumatic day but at six o’clock, I am ready for my lover. We go to an exclusive diner for a luxurious meal, and then stand on the beach front for hours just staring into the beauty of nature.

Throughout my mind remains on Femi, and the things he said. My heart thuds because there is no future in the man across from me. Even if he marries me, will I ever feel fine if he starts to see another woman?

“About your proposal this morning,” Luke says out of the blues. “You really don’t mean it, do you?”

I turn to him, and I see Femi’s face telling me I have no future with Luke. And there and then, I decide to change my strategy. I must prove Femi wrong. And Luke too.


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