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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I wake up the following morning with an ache all over my body, like someone flogged me. I am a wreck, emotionally too. Luke told me he could never marry me. He has a family, and I am a side, nothing more. Then he came back home with me, and spent the night.

I am just pissed, and disgusted with him. If his wife was so great, why is he with me?

And then Femi. The poor trash I tangled myself with. It has never worked in the past. Forget what romance novels tell you. It’s the reason I don’t even read romance novels at all. Well, I used to be an addict but I don’t read them again. Unnecessary lies that bear nothing with reality.

Luke on the other hand is wrong. I have never married a boyfriend because I never played that hand. He thinks he’s smart, and cool, and rich. He has another “think” coming. Not only am I marrying him, he will send his wife packing if he’s not careful.

I leap out of bed because now I have a mission. I’m going to marry Luke, and I am giving myself a deadline. One year. If I am not married to him in one year, then I will quit being a side-chick for life. Go in search of my Femis and marry poor.

A plan begins to form. I have never put my emotions into play in any relationship. Except Femi.

I hiss. His name just keeps popping up in everything. I allowed him to creep and get under my skin. He must get out! I have to purge him, and Ivy and Toyin. I can’t allow any bitterness in my life right now.

“Sweet, romantic, sexy.”

That’s what I have to be. My heart is going to be placed on the altar of sacrifice. Luke knows I don’t love him. It must change.

Once I fall in love with Luke, it will be impossible for him not to marry me. I have seen it happen too many times. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I can do it.

It starts with me. It starts now.


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