Roses N Chocolates


Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

What does he want?

Well, what doesn’t he want? To arrive at this time of the night mean Luke will spend the night unless the moon comes out in the afternoon. I am so conflicted right now. Just a few days ago, my emotions turn wild at hearing Femi’s voice. Then Tope mesmerized me these last two days and now Luke is here.

He comes out of his car, and rushes at me with a passion I have seen him display before. Wild, hungry, madness.

Luke hardly asks questions or he should have noticed a car drive by as he approached, and I’m standing outside. And asked. It also shows he really doesn’t care, and I should be done with him by now.

The seduction and fornication lasts all night, and I feel so dirty. But I can’t call things off so abruptly. As I doze off in the early hours of Sunday though, I decide this must end. I am with another man, now. A man from my church who fits my list perfectly. Like God just fitted him just for me. I am sure Tope will not agree to “share” the way Femi did.

When I open my eyes close to 8am, Luke is standing at my doorway, staring at me. What is he still doing here? And this is Sunday morning, I am late! Oh my! I jump off the bed and rush to the bathroom to get ready.

“What are you still doing here? I thought you’d be gone.” I shout over running water and toothpaste in my mouth.

“Good morning to you too, darling.” He shouts back.

“Good morning, I’m sorry. I’m running late for church.”

“Will you marry me?”

I choke on paste foam, and cough. Quickly I turn off the tap, and hurry out of the bathroom.

Luke Chase is on one knee, a small box open with this dazzling diamond stone. I stagger back.


“I take this as a yes.” He slides the ring into my finger, stand up and kiss me with the toothpaste and all.



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