Roses N Chocolates


Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

That diamond ring totally lost me. I have never seen anything so beautiful. Luke begins to kiss me, and we end up back in bed.

No church for me today, whew! I am messed up.

I finally get him to leave when my other phone rang and I noticed it was Tope. I am now engaged to be married. To a married man who cheated on his wife with me, and probably with other women. The voice in my head is angry right now, but the other soft but aggressive one is leaping with joy.

You will be Mrs. Nosa Chase. That’s crazy! I didn’t know I had pumped in enough love into Luke to distract him from his wife. Wow!

But this happy thought has to wait. I need to settle this Tope issue right away. It’s over. Whatever we thought had started.

As I am about to call him, he calls.

“Baby mi, what happened? I didn’t see you in church? I’m worried stiff.”

Huh—hmm, I had cramps. Stomach cramps. And I’ve been throwing up.”

“Aha, what did you eat?”

“I don’t know.”

“Anyway, I’m just about a street away from your house. I’ll come and make you feel better.”

Huh, I’m not even at home. Er—”

“I’ll wait. Where did you go feeling sick?”

My head starts to pound. Leave me, this man!

“My neighbour’s. I wanted him to take me to the clinic but he had some meds for me. So I’ve just been there since morning.”

“A guy—?”

“He’s married. Duh!

We both laugh. “Well, thank him. His job is done. I’m coming to care for my babe.”

I hurry into the bathroom, and take a quick shower. My bed is still rumpled when Tope knocks on my door.

He has a bunch of roses for me, and pulls me into a hug. His kiss is not chaste like the night before. I hold back. Luke’s ring glistens in my wardrobe. I need to get rid of this one.

I place my hand on his broad chest. “Tope, hmm. I don’t feel well.”

“I heard tender loving care heals faster than any medicine.” He goes into the hollow of my neck and takes love bites. “Hmm?

“Tope, no. Stop.”

I can feel him. This guy coming from church is as horny as a dog in heat. I push at him. “Stop it. I don’t feel well.”

“You soon will.” He holds my waist with arms as strong as an iron band. “What’s wrong? You sound like this is just what you needed on the phone.”

“No! Of course not. Tope, let go.”

“I will.” He lifts me at the waist, and dumps me on my couch. “When we’re done!”

I have never been forced to have sex. Thirty years of existence, and half of them sexually active, not once.

A brother I thought was God’s will for my life less then twenty-four hours ago just did. On my couch. Thrice. I can’t even cry. This is beyond belief.

He stands up, and smiles. “Don’t you feel better?”

A rage I never imagined I possessed overtakes me. I leap to my feet and deal him a dirty slap. He pushes me, and I fall back on the couch.

He laughs. “Looks like you want more, vixen.”

“If you touch me again, I will kill you.”

I imagine he’s coming down on me again, and I kick into the space between us. But he walks toward the door.

“I’m tired. Next time, pretty.” He’s out of the house before I can reply.

I gasp, bite my lips, and double over. What just happened? How could this happen? What should I do? Report him to the relationship pastor? Who would believe me? I wasn’t in church, he was. It would be his word against mine. Animals like him with a charm get away with what they like.

I can’t believe Tope just raped me. Three times. He’s stronger than he looks and overpowering. No one had ever held me with such brute force.

Tears begin to pour down my eyes. I shouldn’t cry for any man. I need to hurt this guy in return. I feel so violated. How did the devil come and ruin Luke’s proposal for me like this?

I pick my other phone, and call the only person I think will believe me. Femi.

He picks up on the third ring. “Hello. Nosa?”

His voice is soothing. I burst into tears. I am not usually this weak, but I can’t believe that guy raped me and walked out of my house without a scar.

Femi sounds alarmed. “Honey, what happened? Why are you crying?”

“I was raped.” I cry. “Bastard raped me.”

“What? Where are you? Go to the police station. No, let’s go together. Where are you?”

Oh Femi, such a darling. No questions asked.

“I can’t go to the police. No one will believe me.”

“I believe you. Where are you?”

I continue to sob. “In my house.”

“Did you see the man’s face?”

“I know him. He—he’s a brother in my church.”

Femi mutters a string of dirty cuss words. “I’m coming over. Just stay calm. He’s going to live to regret today in his life.”

“Thank you.”

After I hang up, I remain cuddled on the couch. Cold, and angry and scared how a man could be so audacious to treat me like this.

When Femi arrives, he tries to convince me to report to the police or to my pastor but I don’t have the confidence to.

In the end, he cooks for me, makes sure I have a bath. And spends the night with me.

He left before I wake up on Monday morning and I realize for the first time in my life, I’ve had intercourse with three different men in the space of one day.


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