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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

My mother was a very quiet woman while I was growing up. But with seven daughters and a husband who constantly threatened to throw her out, and eventually did to marry a girl half her age who gave him two sons in quick succession, she developed thick skin. Still, I never knew her to be confrontational. She always got someone to do the dirty job for her.

I do have a soft spot for my mother but I am who I am, and it’s difficult sometimes to empathize with her. Honestly, I don’t know what she could have done to keep my father. I blame her sometimes for staying with him till he treated her the way he did. After three girls, she could have left him. She had a great job at the teaching hospital, even rose to become an acting matron before she retired.

It’s one reason why I believe my head is messed up about marriage.

The following morning at about 7am, the person to help Mummy with the dirty job of confronting me, arrived. Beauty. As a banker, she gets to work early. Dressed in a well-cut grey skirt suit, she used her foot, clad in a three-inch stiletto shoe to kick my bare feet off the bed.

“Stupid girl. Stand up.”

Did I mention Beauty of all my sisters is the prettiest and the sauciest?

I moan from under the covers. “What?” I have a splitting headache from last night’s drinking. It’s been long I got so drunk. All the dancing too.

“Come and pack your things and get out of my mother’s house.”

Something lands on my head and I scream. It’s my handbag. She throws my luggage next but I’m fast enough to jump out of the way.

“You think you can kill her for us, you useless girl? I’ll kill you first.”

I can beat Beauty. She’s not even strong. Only gragra wey she get! Just three and a half years older, she thinks she’s the queen of the world.

“Beauty leave me alone, what is it?” I can’t even talk well because of this headache in my eyes.

“You left. And we didn’t miss you. Please go! Go back to your useless life, since you don’t want to change.”

“I will leave. Which house sef?”

“Thank you, at least it is her sweat. She has something to show and we are all proud of her.”

This information humbles me. It’s Mummy’s house? And there are like three apartments in the compound, so she probably has tenants. That’s wonderful.

Beauty throws my clothes at me. I don’t even want to say anything. I steal past her and run into the bathroom.

She bangs the door. “Let me get back from work and meet you here.”

I hear her talk softly to Mummy and then the “koh kah” of her high heels recedes. After she’s gone, I come out of the bathroom, and return to the room.

Mummy comes to the door, and knocks. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was coming to chase you away like that.”

For a moment, tears lump in my throat but wait. This is my mother, and we have a nasty history. If she’s feeling bad about something, I won’t let her ride her guilt trip on me.

Hmm, sorry? That’s new.” I pick my things. I know where I want to go because I’m not leaving Benin yet. “You knew what you were doing when you called Beauty to come.” I put on fresh clothes. “So, Beauty will come and not fight me?”

“I told her to talk to you.” Her voice trembles. “Nosa, please. Please my daughter. Will you not leave this lifestyle behind you? Why will you continue like this?”

Hmm.” Done dressing, I pick my bags, and brush past her. “Bye.”

“I was so happy to see you came to spend New Year. Nosa, please don’t go yet. I’m sorry.”

I slam the front door after me, though I am so sure I hear her sobbing. But this past ten years can’t be resolved in one visit. My only hope in my heart is to visit again. Maybe in another ten years. No promises there though!

I hail a taxi and give the address. The person at my next stop will be shocked. But that’s exactly what I want.


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