Roses N Chocolates


Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I have never been good at cold wars. I don’t like confrontation either but if you bring it on, I’m all yours. Queen likes cold wars. The next few days, I have a fair dose of how “stupid” she can be fighting her wars. I’ll get into the boy’s room at night to sleep, and my mattress will not be anywhere in view. No one knows where it is. I’ll find it at the back of the house.

On my sixth day, I am woken up with a full bucket of water emptied on my head. Someone tripped the younger son who happened to be carrying cold water to the bathroom, and I suspect the someone is “sneaky, coward Queen”. Thank God it’s cold water. By the way, I still don’t know the names of my half-brothers. After the slap I dealt the older boy on my second day, he has avoided me like a disease, taking his brother with him.

I hear Queen shouting from outside the room for the boys to get ready so they’d not be late for school. I want to pounce on that six-year-old and keep him away from school for a week, but he runs off. I don’t see either brother till their mother carts them away. Did I remember to say my Daddy doesn’t have a car anymore? The boys are taken to school by Queen, either with a neighbor or taxi.

And food has been horrible. Most days, I just go to a buka down the road, and buy my own food. At first, I thought Queen cooks mine specially, but then I see her eat it too, and serve my Daddy.

What a shame! My mum is probably the best cook in Benin. Daddy used to boast he can’t eat any food apart from Mum’s. Now he’s stuck on a woman with two boys I don’t even think are his, and the worst tasting food this side of the Niger. I mean, a pinch of salt may be able to do some tricks.

I move my mattress out of the room into the compound, thankful it’s January, and not a “raining” period. Hopefully this mattress will dry out before evening, or I’ll have to sleep on the stinking couch, or force the younger boy to sleep with his brother on the upper bunk. After all, this is all his fault.

There isn’t much space at the back of the house besides the two parked cars. I haven’t seen any of Daddy’s tenants yet, mainly because I’ve not been out of the house a lot. It’s unlike me to be so lazy most days, just sleeping. I’ve not even read a lot. Eating and sleeping all the time. Even Sazu has given up on trying to get me out of the house.

I gather some stones I find around the fruit trees and drag the mattress over it.

“You need help with that?”

I turn and nearly bump into a hunk. Tall, dark, suited up guy with a deep voice. The mattress is already on the stones, but he helps to make it more balanced.


“I’m Esosa Igbinedion.” He stretches his hand.

“I’m sorry my hands are not clean. I’m Nosa.”

“Nosa?” He smiles. “It’s an unusual name for a pretty girl.”

I shrug. “Poor me.”

“Did you just move into the compound?”

“No. I’m visiting my dad.” I arch my neck toward the house.

Oh, you’re landlord’s daughter. Pleased to meet you. I live at the back flat.”

“Pleased to meet you too.”

“Hope we can hang out when I return from work?”

He has a sweet smile. Goodness. I’m in a limbo right now. Supposedly getting married to a multi-millionaire I have ignored his text messages for the last few days. His wife hasn’t called too. Probably she has noticed I’m not in my house. I don’t want to imagine what she’s thinking. Should I be hanging out with a bloke yet?

I rub the back of my neck.

“Please don’t tell me you’re leaving today?”

“No.” I smile. “I’m still around.”

He winks. “Dinner at my place? I cook very well. I’ll be back before 8.”

I shrug. “Why not?”

He beams. “See you then.”


He walks to the Honda and waves when he drives by me, and I’m thinking, there’s something regally wrong with you, Nosakhare!


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