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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I know I haven’t been a great person, not to talk of being Christian. I am far from perfect, and that’s why I justify my actions each time I take revenge, which is every time someone offends me.

For Queen, it is the easiest revenge I will ever take. Even a blind man will know her two boys don’t belong to my father, and she had both after becoming Mrs. Queen William.

It’s Sunday, and they all trudge out of the house. I go upstairs to my Daddy’s room and search. Poor Queen, she couldn’t have imagined anyone will be interested in scattering her secure life with a man old enough to be her grandfather. Her secret is scattered all over her wardrobe.

Notes from her baby-daddy! Shocking I discover she’s actively involved with him. She has a phone in her wardrobe. I guess we mistresses have same strategies. The phone is on silent of course, and has a pin. No qualms.

Never did I imagine destroying Queen will be so easy. From the day I slapped her son, I’ve been thinking about my revenge. I thought I’d need a week or more to trail or stalk her. Wow.

When I’m done gathering my arsenal, I call a restaurant I love, and had them deliver starch and banga soup. Then I pack up and wait. I don’t want to miss the drama. At the same time, I don’t want Queen to kill me in the night, if peradventure, my daddy’s brain is so “cooked” he doesn’t throw her out.

Which I doubt. My daddy can’t stand a cheat. His first wife, who had a daughter for him, was kicked out after she was caught cheating. Well, since these ones are boys, I keep my fingers crossed.

They return from church hours later, the boys howling and giving me headache as usual.

“Pregnant virgin, how are you?” My daddy says when I welcome him.

I think he deserves my revenge too. Nonsense.

His cheating wife rushes to the kitchen to prepare lunch. He drops into his favorite seat and switches on the TV to watch Channels. The only channel he watches.

“Queen left her phone in the house. And it kept ringing and ringing. I thought it was urgent so I picked it.” I hand him the phone. “The caller said his name is Mudia.”

I know my father. He never disappoints. His part in my revenge I know will play according to script.

He takes the phone. “This is not Queen’s phone.” He looks toward the kitchen. “Queen. Mudia called you.”

Prior to that announcement, there was noise from the kitchen; Queen talking to the boys, plates clanging and footsteps sound. But everything goes still and silent. I want to laugh.


She peeps. “I’m coming, Daddy. I don’t want this food to burn.”

Queen shows up almost an hour later with lunch. “Food is ready.” She places a tray in front of Daddy.

Daddy frowns. “Mudia called you.”

“I don’t know any Mudia.”

Ah, she falls into my trap.

Daddy looks at me. “I told you this is not her phone. Maybe this woman forgot her phone here.” He gestures toward the guest room.

“The woman used to enter your bedroom?” I gasp. “That’s terrible.” I take pleasure in sparing Queen a glance.

Her eyes are on me, and for the life of me, the pleasure of seeing the fear and the plea in them. Sweet revenge. But it mustn’t ever seem like it.

“What is the woman’s phone doing in my room upstairs?”

Queen shrugs. “Daddy, I don’t know. I have never seen this phone before.”

My daddy above all things is super-smart. “Call the woman.”

“She’s not back from church.” Queen slips back into the kitchen.

Daddy places the phone on the stool beside his food and proceeds to eat. After the meal, he picks it up and studies it. The tenant walks in.

“Madam, come and take your phone. And don’t ever enter my bedroom again.”

The woman pauses in her track. “Aha, Landlord. Na welcome be dat?” She opens her bag. “My phone dey here o. And me I never enter your bedroom o.” She hisses and enters her room.

“Queen! Come here! Who is Mudia?”

I slip a picture I found in Queen’s wardrobe to the stool in front of Daddy. Mudia carrying his two sons. The first one is his spitting image.


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