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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

Toyo notices her son’s distraction with me. At first, she tries to take his attention off, but then she realizes it is futile and turns it all on me. Andy, the boy, has a very nice British accent and such a deep voice. But I’m almost ten years older, and Toyo obviously is not happy about the boy’s infatuation.

“Nosa, I’ll see you in the evening, yes? Andy and I have a lot of catching up to do,” Toyo says when we get back to the inn.

Andy arches perfectly shaped eyebrows that will make girls jealous any day. “I’ll like to hang out with Nosa too, Mum, if you don’t mind.”

It’s time for me to get back at Toyo for the way she treated me with Ambassador. I hope my revengeful nature will change someday. But this is just too tempting to pass up. At this point, and after a quick glance at Toyo’s pleading eyes, I should put the boy in his place, and give some flimsy excuse about how busy my day is today.

In truth, after last night, I decided to move into my house. It’s ready, and with Toyo drawing that strange one on me, I want to be back on my own. I know sparky sanguines like her. They are good only for a moment.

“I’ll love to hang out.” I wink at Andy. “I’m really free throughout today.”

In her next life, if she has one, Toyo is going to murder me. If she doesn’t do it in this life.


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