Roses N Chocolates


Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

By five in the morning, club-goers are returning, and the ones at the inn, going home. The hooting and lousiness startle me awake and I get into my driver’s seat. I don’t want Andy to return and find me. The chapter is closed, and I have no regrets at all. His mother has proven to be a vixen, and not one I want to cross paths with, especially since I’d have nothing to gain from being with her son.

My street is free and the security man at the gate opens to me when I get there about an hour later. Huh, Lagos! At five o’clock the streets are buzzing, people going to work.

After parking in front of my apartment, I walk back to the gate.

“I came back last night, and I couldn’t get in,” I address the security man.

“The vigilantes take over from midnight to five in the morning. You can’t come in or go out unless they know you.”

I gasp. “What kind of nonsense is that? What if one has a visitor from far?”

“You have to tell them in advance, Madam. It’s for everybody’s safety.”

“So, how do you introduce me to the vigilante?”

“The agent will do it, ma. Call the agent and he will come and do the introduction.”

Which nonsense agent? But I can’t say to this man my boyfriend just gave me keys. I don’t know any agent. Well, it means I have to be indoor before midnight until Luke can arrange for the agent to introduce me. Not a problem.

I spend the day getting my room ready. I even succeed in doing some shopping for food. It’s the week of Valentine’s but I don’t plan to do anything unless my fiancé chooses to take me for a treat.

It dawns on me, if I get married, or rather with this pregnancy, I will be alone most of the time. My friends are all gone, and I can’t make new ones. I can’t go clubbing again unless I want to cheat on Luke. I stopped going to church to avoid Tope and the young men who “use” ladies like me.

I am alone.

I don’t like it. After I set my room up, and cook a meal of rice and stew, I sit on my bed and watch TV till I’m tired, and ready to sleep at about seven. I must find something to do with my life. Not used to working for anybody, never have. Running a business seems like such a hard work.

My other phone rings. I startle from my thinking. I don’t recognize the number. Normally, I don’t pick unknown numbers, but boredom pricks me to take the call.

“Thief! Ole! Ino! Onye ohi! It will never be well with you, husband-snatcher—”

I hang up. Mrs. Chase is back on my case.

I sit up on my bed. Angry, and thinking what to do. My phone rings again, the real phone, and it’s Luke.


I gather my thoughts, and breath in. “Hello, darling.”

“Toyo said you checked out.”

Toyo. One day I will get back.

“I had to. There is a club in that place, and I just wanted to be in my own space as fast as possible.”

“That’s okay, dear.”

“Hmm. What’s for Valentine’s day?”

“Nothing, love. I’m going out of the country for business.” He pauses. “Grab a handful of your friends and have a lot of fun. I’ll make sure your account can bear it.” He chuckles. I smile.

“Thanks a lot. That will be great but I’ll really miss you.”

“I’ll see you end of the month. And we can get this wedding thing going. Or you want to wear a maternity wedding dress?”

He thinks that is funny because he laughs.

Before I can respond, he blows a kiss and hangs up. Yes, the life of a second wife/side-chick. The loneliness creeps right back. This is really what it will be like unless I do something about it.

The evening is not over though. The other phone rings again, and it’s my former landlord. He has heard I’ve not stayed in my old house for almost two months and wants to know if I’m still interested. I tell him I am not and will return his keys in the morning.

“Don’t worry about the keys. I will change the locks for a new tenant.”

“I still have five months’ rent so when can I see you to get—”

“That’s the money I will use to change the locks. Bye bye.” He hangs up before I can speak.

The evening is not even over. How I wish it is.

Someone else calls on my real phone.

“You don’t know me,” the muffled voice says. “Luke Chase can never marry you. His wife is his life. She is deaf and dumb, and Luke’s success is tied to her forever. Stop wasting your precious time and energy.”

“Please, who is—”

“And that baby in your stomach is not Luke’s! everybody knows Luke can never father a child.”

“Excuse me—”

The hanging up tone startles me. I thought my evening will end at about seven, but my eyes are wide open now!

I suspect Toyo is the caller, but she doesn’t have any of my phone numbers, much less this exclusive one.

Mrs. Chase is deaf and dumb so who did I meet in that party last year posing as Luke’s wife? And who has been calling and threatening me?

Luke can not father a child? So, who is the father of the teenage boy I met?

My other phone rings! I pick it quickly without eve looking out for the caller.

“Daddy’s burial is on February 13 and 14. The Aso-ebi is 25k, and your levy for the burial is 100k. Please pay all into my account as soon as possible. Bye.”

My sister Mary is the caller. She hangs up before I respond.

What on earth is happening today?

February 13 and 14 is in less than one week’s time!


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