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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

Blank. I am blank.

Toyin insists the best thing is to tell Luke he’s not the father of my baby. How do I do that? I’ve never admitted guilt to any man. I don’t love them. I use them and dump them. Why would this be different?

Toyin cries over the phone. “He is brutal, Nosa. He is waiting for the right time to ruin you?”

“No man can ruin me.”

“You have seen them all, haven’t you? Then why are you calling me for advice?”

I take a deep breath. She’s right in a way. From the day I met Luke Chase, things have changed. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

“Look here Nosa, you have done this thing for too long. It’s time to consciously change your path. God’s arms are wide open—”

“Toyin, stop!” We’re both quiet for several long seconds. “What do you know of Luke?”

“Nothing you’re interested in.” She sighs. “I need to go, Nosa. I’m coming back to Lagos tomorrow by road and I need to sleep.”

“Why are you coming by road?”

“I don’t have money for flight, Nosa. My husband doesn’t either. And we won’t do the wrong thing to get it.”

“Okay, good night.” I hang up.

I am being stubborn, no doubt. She wants me to get a proper “job.” When all my life I haven’t. Is it now I have a baby on the way I will start looking for a job? Besides the fact that no one wants to employ a pregnant woman, no man wants to keep another man’s baby while having an affair with the mother.

The question of sustaining myself is out because I can from my savings but with a baby! It’s not even an option. My baby should have a rich father. All these years, I haven’t gotten pregnant. Why now? And I have the option of removing it…Toyin will faint if she even hears I thought of it.

Am I unredeemable?

My phone rings again. It’s Toyin. Should I pick it or not.

“Hello, Toyin.”

“I wanted to ask for your new address. You never did give it.”

I roll my eyes to the very back. But maybe I really do need her back in my life. I call out the address.

“Thanks. Actually, I’m coming to your place tomorrow. We had accommodation issues and even Bode went to his parents’ in Ondo till we can sort stuff.”

“You don’t have accommodation!”

“I told you Bode moved to Lagos because of me. His business hasn’t done well. It’s just a phase.” She sighs. “Please, I’ll see you tomorrow evening.”

She hangs up before I can say anymore.

This is why I don’t want to lose Luke. I’ll beg, and that will be unthinkable.


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