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A dry new year…the bend before change

January 1, 1998 was a Thursday. Beautiful day in Calabar. It was a public holiday. The previous week had been eventful for me but I was back to base. Gone to work the day before and had to the day after. Fiancé Folarin was away for the holidays. Long story short, I was “alone” in Calabar. There was nothing, practically, to do. I remember loneliness consumed me like a fever. I went to Urua Watt (Watt Market) roamed around for a bit, bought a packet of Buttermint sweet and returned to my one-room accommodation.

Things were about to change for me and Calabar…when Donald Duke became the state governor in 1999.

I know because I lived in Calabar at the time of @DonaldDuke as Governor of Cross River State 1999-2007.

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