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Twinster – Part 3

Story continues from Twinster – Part 1 and Twinster – Part 2

The speed with which Suzie Bariet cleared out an extra visitor seat and excused them convinced Daz this woman had a recorder somewhere. She didn’t want to discuss with Victor Henric in Suzie’s office, but he’d held her elbow and in his characteristic domineering mumble, which she remembered so well, asked Suzie to get a second seat and give them an hour. He hadn’t changed much, she couldn’t help but notice. Clean mustache and beard, hair cut close to the scalp, firm, dark skin packed in a designer suit, expensive shoes and a cold smile. He didn’t look a day older than thirty-four he was. Ten years ago? Manny was proof. And she was sure every vein in her neck, and the lines on her face multiplied twenty-four, her age at the time he left her.

He sat her into the chair but didn’t take the other. She had never known him to be anything other than composed and in control.

She straightened. “I don’t want to talk in Suzie’s office. All of Ego’s Trip will have the details by noon.”

He snorted. “I don’t care.”

“I do.” She stood. “I live here.”

“I live here too. Now.”

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Photo: The Aneke Twins Source:, 2017

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