Roses N Chocolates


Ope met Maya on the walkway outside the cadaver room and gave her a lab coat.

“Aha, Ope, you even brought a lab coat!” Maya exclaimed. “It’s not like I will stay.”

“You won’t be allowed to go inside without one. Wear it.”

Maya took it from him reluctantly and sniffed it. “Hhnn! It smells funny.”

Ope laughed. “It’s my roommate’s. See just wear and ignore the smell. Not like the cadaver you’re going to visit smells any better.”

“Huh! How encouraging.” Maya wore it over her striped shirt and straight black skirt.

“Looks good on you, babe,” Ope said in a singsong. “This time next year, you’ll be rocking one of your own daily.”

“I’m not going to allow you to scare me.” Maya squared her shoulders and started on the walk to see the cadaver.

Her curiosity got her here, after telling Ope she would be studying medicine like him. Being a year ahead, she trusted he would show her everything it entailed. But it had been his idea to take her to see the dead bodies she’d be working with, in another year.

Ope fell into step with her. “Don’t scream if you see a fresh one with its eyes open.”

Maya shrugged, stifling the urge to turn back. Her love for saving lives was the reason she wanted to study medicine and accepting her initial offer to study microbiology was with the intent to return for medicine, so getting in was her dream come true.

Ope scoffed. “I know you’re shaking in your shoes.”

Maya sucked on her teeth. “Because that annoying Ben Bruce followed you when you were coming and he’s been standing just over to your right, glaring at you.”

The smirk on Ope’s face froze. His head shot to his right side, and truly, Ben stood on the grass by the sidewalk, his gaze fixed on the approaching duo.

Ope rolled his eyes and turned back on his path. “He’s a mad man. Ignore him.”

“He looks like one of your cadavers.” Maya smiled. “Mr. Ben!” She waved. “Hello.”

“Maya! Why would you–”

Ben beamed and walked closer. Before neither student could stop it, he hugged Maya tightly. “My darling, Maya. Where have you been? It’s been ages.”

Ope shoved him. “Don’t touch her.”

Ben stepped back and glared at him. “Are you sleeping with her, you idiot?”

“Maya, let’s go.”

“Of course,” Maya smiled at him. “The cadaver awaits!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Ben called after them.

Under his breath, Maya heard Ope curse with a very bad word.

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